Strategies for Success

How to create and enjoy your Encore Career business.

Many of us as mid to late 20th century people want a more fulfilling and rewarding last chapters of life. We want to be fulfilled and monetize our knowledge. Not all of us are ready for the endless hours of "recreation. "Whilst some is enjoyable, many want to fill that void. Many of us require a better financial outcome as a result of life's choices. What I have found that many people of all ages get "stuck."


What is financial peace of mind?

I have three thoughts of what this means:

Peace of Mind: You have enough money coming in that covers all your expenses.(unless you loose your job!)

Financial security: You have a passive or almost passive income that covers these expenses.(The How to achieve this)

Financial Freedom: You invest you surplus money into investments so that you create the passive income.

Need to create the extra income to become FREE?

Are you Stuck? By stuck, are your circumstances  such that you're not happy with the position, you want a different outcome, but no matter what you do your stuck!

Bruce Ross
Leadership Development and Coaching.

This information is designed to benefit the committed. If you have a commitment to seeking a solution to your wheel of life, if you seriously want change, we can assist. 


How is your Wheel of Life?   

Do you want to be more effective with your Life?

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At our stage, our wheel of life should be "smooth sailing". Or maybe you're struggling in some aspect of your life. The answers on how to be more effective in any area of your life is readily available. The information is not new, its assembled in such a way as to allow you to create your best year ever!

Others provide information-We create transformation.

However, you define it to be.

For me I call it my La Dolce Vita. You need a vision of your future! 


 On this page you will find things about Leadership development and coaching.

Who is this for??

      Real people, with Real problems and finding Real Solutions:

 Thank you. 

Do you have the power of free choice?

Have you ever heard the expression, its only business, it's nothing personal?

In business all that matters is the bottom line?

I believe and know that unless you have complete understanding of how your mind works, and an independent or alternative income, you are dependent on life's challenges.


Decide who you want to be in this world, what you have your sights on and what your path is. Give yourself a pass for the mistakes you make and back-steps you take, and demand that from the people around you. Who has the right to take control in this world? It’s the person who is willing, in the bigger picture, to make it work out to the greatest degree. And don’t be afraid to offend a few people along the way.

The book Think and Grow Rich is titled THINK and Grow Rich.

This information is designed to make you THINK.


Obviously, I am interested in chatting with anyone who is interested in gaining further knowledge. At this stage of life, for me it's especially important to pass on my knowledge, skills, and expertise. Eighty percent of those who look to create an alternative income as an online business on the internet never actually make a significant income.

If you wish to learn how to be more effective in every area of your life, you will find all the information beneficial. I did not create it but have been using the concepts for some years in my previous life.

        Others provide information-we provide transformation! 

I have understandings and learnings that have changed my retirement from one of comfort but unfulfilling, to one that is mentally stimulating, emotionally fulfilling, beneficial to others and financially extremely rewarding.

If you find the information to be of value, please feel free to like and share my page. That may be of benefit to someone in your circle of influence.

“Most people “say” they want to be successful. But if they really wanted to be successful, they’d be successful.

I used to tell people, “I wish I played the piano.” Then someone said, “No you don’t. If you did, you’d make the time to practice.”

I’ve since stopped saying that because he was right.” -Benjamin P. Hardy

Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb. They want the job title without the work.”

Once you stop being a victim to your external circumstances and instead become accountable, you can create whatever life you intend.

My desire is that you get to create your La Dolce Vita. If my information assists you in some way fantastic. If you work with me, even better. My coaching is about a win- win philosophy. I get rewarded only if you succeed.

Job cuts, Social Security fears, political chaos, rising costs, and the havoc wrought by a global pandemic… These days it's easy to feel that control over your life and the new future, is not so much slipping away as being snatched away.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Control over your time, your money, and your life belongs in your hands. And, if you feel that's not where it is right now, then there's someone you need to meet…

I know the information inside has the power to make you more effective in ALL areas of your life...


My reasons for why many of us need an Encore Career. Tap the photo for my story.

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Encore Careers.

After retiring early, I discovered I had to be doing something. Want to resurrect your youthful idealism and put it to work for the greater good?

Is having an income still an important part of your financial picture?

Leadership Development and Coaching promotes careers and opportunities that combine personal fulfillment, social impact, and continued income, enabling people to put their passion to effective use in real jobs tackling real problems and that make a real impact. A recent survey found that more than 5 million people ages 44 to 70 have begun encore careers. Of those not already in encore careers, half say they want them.

                         Are you one of them?


Understand your future needs: 

There are many who want to utilize the skills they have acquired and turn those skills into a very profitable Leadership and Coaching Business. We actually want to create and live a second career, based on our terms.

The Encore Career option.

Interested  in how you can develop an encore career Business, around your current circumstances, let's chat. We are working with people just like you who have a desire to

Learn: Teach: Earn: Lead.

If you enjoy helping people to become "Unstuck" from their current circumstances to be able to become the person of their dreams, this may be of interest to you.