• Bruce


How to find your Voice.

Realizations: The more we find our voice the greater courage we’ll have in expressing that voice and the more your supporters will get behind you. When you speak the truth and your non supporters react, you’ve most likely hit the nail on the head. Everything happening in your life – past, present and future – is all on you. All the good and bad in your life is your creation. That realization might scare you, but could also help you learn so many new things and help you take charge of your life. It can be equally frightening and freeing.

Find The Truth: If you change your way of thinking, you change the way you see reality, and people will treat you differently. When you come up from a place of boldness you’re not deluding yourself. You have to find the truth that makes you feel empowered. If we change our world view, it’s unbelievable how much your brain power changes and how people will start treating us differently. But keep in mind that you’ll always find resistance. See it as a challenge!

Decide: Decide who you want to be in this world, what you have your sights on and what your path is. Give yourself a pass for the mistakes you make and back-steps you take, and demand that from the people around you. Who has the right to take control in this world? It’s the person who is willing, in the bigger picture, to make it work out to the greatest degree. And don’t be afraid to offend a few people along the way