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Money or your Life

Let´s talk about money. Everyone wants more, right? And I am going to tell you about three ways to earn it and keep earning more. You owe it to yourself, your family and your society to earn more money. Good people get better when they are given a lot of money just as bad people become worse. Many people say that being a rich person is bad, that money is the root of evil. But this is another lie. Evil is the root of evil. Money is just a piece of paper, and with money you can do a lot of good, helpful things. I believe that you are a good person so I will reveal to you these money earning secrets that have radically changed the way I look at money. If you follow the recommended strategies, you will earn an enormous amount of money. So here are three ways to earn money. 1) Trading time for money The first way to earn money is by trading time for money. This way contains a lot of hard labor and in fact it is not really effective. Around 90% of the population sticks with this paradigm. But they are making only 5% of all the wealth in the world. Maybe it sounds crazy, but it is true. “If I work hard, maybe someday I will get the good job.” This habit we have from youth and it is deeply stored in our minds. But the problem is that if I am a factory worker, office worker in large company, lawyer or doctor I am restricted to time and if I want to earn more I need to work more. This situation is not pleasant because a day only has 24 hours and if I want to explode my income maybe I will not be able to do that because THERE IS NO TIME. You literally trade your life for money. What a terrible thing to trade life for. Also if you are working for someone else, you are limited in your results. You build someone else’s dreams not yours. There is always a limitation. Even though there are many people who will tell you that there is some security in working for a large company, that could not be further from the truth. How many people do you know that have been laid off or “reengineered” in the last 10 months? You see. The only security you have on this planet is within your own self. Trading money for money Next we have an excellent way to earn money. This is where you are trading money to earn money, or investing. This is great strategy but only in the case that you have the money, skills and proper courage. In this way there are big wins, big risk and also big loses. It is not very practical for the average person. If you consider this strategy, I would strongly recommend you to get help from someone who really understands this topic, not someone who has only external experiences, but from who is already using this method and is successful in this strategy. Check his value, references, and results. When you do this check it again, just to be sure. 3) Multiplying your time through MSI´s This strategy is the best way to earn money. Approximately 1% of the population uses this method and they make 95% of all the money that is being earned. That is right; one percent of the population earns over 95% of all the money. Don’t you want to know what they know? Wouldn’t be nice? If your answer is YES, let’s look at the most powerful strategy. It is when you multiple your time by setting up multiple sources of income (MSI). This is when you’re leveraging your time through the efforts of other people and systems. You multiple your time, it is not how much you can do alone it is what you can do, systemize it and duplicate it. This is why it is so exciting. The great thing about this strategy is that you are not having only one source of income, you have MANY. You see, when you want to explode your income you cannot do it just by working more, you have to work smarter. When you do this you will be absolutely blown away with what happens when money comes to you from different sources. When you do it properly, you are able to achieve income that you may have never imagined before. Take action now Take action now by beginning to plan ahead, create a vision of exactly what you will do with the money when it comes and work on your personal development so you become a better person at the same time. Pablo Picasso said that “Action is the foundational key to success.”

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