learning is The Foundation to better decisions.

A Free Webinar on How to build Your own Personal leadership and Coaching Business.

I am comfortably over the age of 50.

I understand for many that age is a factor, particularly prevalent when looking for work. This industry loves to work with people who have had life experiences.  Experience has a value.

Knowledge can be shared.

Presented by Bruce Ross,
Founder & CEO at Brucerossonline.com

Hi and thank you. The Webinar is designed to answer all your questions and help you to determine if this business is for you. From my point of view, information is the key to asking better questions. I want people to ask better questions!

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In this webinar we will cover

The Business of Leadership.

In the process of building a successful Coaching and leadership business, it's a necessity to leverage your clients and products. This explains this concept.

✓ Help clients turn their dreams into reality and use their strengths to find and enjoy more things they are naturally good at


✓ Grow your practice by adding strength-based coaching, motivation, and goal-setting training to your professional coaching arsenal


✓ Increase your clients’ self-confidence by helping them generate an upward spiral of goal accomplishment


✓ Discover how developing and optimizing strength provides a direct gateway to happiness and improved subjective psychological wellbeing


✓ Easily build your own workshop, training program, and treatment plan for clients


✓ Become a sought-after practitioner and grow your practice with this unique set of tools at your disposal

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